Hey PUBG Pro-Players...From now, you don't need to search for ROOM everywhere in the Internet....Here it is an Application for Free ROOMs

We have Developed new Application for PUBG Players, where you can find 100+ Free ROOMs.

This application is for PUBG Players who need to join in the PUGB ROOM freely. No need to invest or Pay cash for this , This is totally free of cost.

Also you can watch the live streaming through our YouTube Channel and in future we will comes with Cash Prizes for the winners.

What Are you waiting For Just Download and Enjoy this PUBG ROOM Application

The description of PUBG Custom Rooms ID & Passwords - Global

Key Features:

1. Add your PUBGcustom room ID and password.
2. Select map, player view and type of match.
3. Publish your custom room instantly on our application and share it with global
PUBG players.
4. Find new players and team up with them.
5. Much more...


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