Call of Duty Mobile: Legends of War download APK+OBB

Call of Duty Mobile: Legends of War (by Tencent) – War has always been a favorite theme for many entertainment companies. Many real-life war films have debuted, bringing new perspectives, new perspectives on historical events. And then there are also gaming companies that get ideas from the wars to create the famous blockbuster. Other than a movie, in the game, you can comfortably control the protagonist and decide for yourself the fate of a battle. Famous names such as Brothers in Arms series, Battle Field, Call of Duty are all successful and symbol of this game.

One of the top FPS shooter games

Recently, Activision, the owner of Call of Duty franchise, has teamed up with China’s biggest game publisher Tencent Games to create the Call of Duty: Legends of War. This new product is a new version of that legendary franchise and was released exclusively for the Chinese. That can speak of Tencent’s strength as well as the future development of this well-known brand. Call of Duty Mobile will be a free-to-play game so you can rest assured enjoying it on the mobile operating system. But there may be some conditions to register to play in China IP. But this is completely worth it because it gives players a series of familiar images such as characters, maps, modes, and weapons from across the franchise. This would probably be a spearheading in the coming time upon their vast mobile network. And the publisher has also released the first news that it will be scheduled for release in the coming months.

• Download the apk file from APKMirror.


• Install the apk onto your phone. • Start the installed game. The game will sit at the initial loading screen. • Exit the game. You can also force stop the app to ensure that the game process has been killed. • Download the additional OBB file (~1.06 GB) onto your phone.



Coming up, when the game launches with a large number of gamers across the country of China will certainly cause a new fever. Maybe the wave of this game will be as strong as the PUBG mobile trend in early 2018. Anyway, all of them are the product of the passion for Tencent. Call of Duty: Legends of War will be as successful as other titles.
Install Guide
  • Use ExpressVPN if you do not get into the game (need your Fake IP to Australia)
  • Extract OBB to Android/obb path

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